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If regular work would slow down I would have had them finished by now! In order to keep up with my regular customers I am only able to work on the triple project in short spurts. I have been off of them for the past two weeks, but am lining them up again today and will hopefully keep on them through next Thursday. Thanks for your patience on this, I haven't seen this kind of work load in years....hopefully a sign that (at least locally) manufacturing is turning around???

It has also come to my attention that there might be an issue with the KTM stem or more likely the stem nut. Last buy from KTM, they had discontinued the original nut and washer assembly that had considerably more purchase into the stem threads and replaced it with an all-in-one nut/washer that is much shorter. I would be happy to produce the stem/nut in house to the original tall nut-specs if this will resolve this problem. It might even be quicker as I am running into the same no-commitment delivery on the stems as last time. Or maybe this is a non-issue/one time thing? Hopefully someone who knows more about it can give some input.
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