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are you going for some post apocalyptic meets steam punk funk
Something like that. I wasn't willing to lose anything functionally for a 'look' though. I didn't want to add weight or use weaker brass hardware. Swapping washers and fabbing a few things out of brass and copper, that I needed to make anyways, didn't violate the function over fashion rule for me. Also, it was cheap!

I'm on one of my sailboat-dreaming kicks again. That's why marine parts like the mast steps and hatch latches are popping up. I ordered some cleats, deck hardware for mooring up a ship, to mount on the outside of the boxes as tie-downs. Damn I want a boat.

Of course, that'd all be really great and functional if the bike, you know, functioned. I actually had to go DOWN jet sizes for the carbs even though they were jetted for a 350 2-stroke. The idle jet was 48 and spitting gasoline out the exhaust. The lowest the mechanic had was a 40. It'll run on it but it won't idle. I'm ordering jets now.

The exhaust's obviously a lot louder than stock but it's not nearly as bad as I expected. I think the boxes help to keep it quiet. The exhaust is pouring into a cavity created by the two boxes and the underside of the fender. Maybe that acts as a sorta muffler?

I dislocated my shoulder a few weeks ago climbing. It was feeling better and I was doing my physical therapy exercises until yesterday. While pushing the bike I slipped and all 500 pounds of the bike wrenched my shoulder and pulled me to the ground. I spent some quality time rolling around on the ground in the fetal position. My arm's rurnt. I don't know if I could ride a bike anyways.

Well, I guess that's bullshit...if this bike ran I'd be on it But I wouldn't be making any cross-state motoclimbingcamping trips.
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