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How can you say a coach that understands the principle , but doesn't ride well is a good coach. How can they not ride well knowing the principle. No , most people don't know the principle , they don't need to to turn a bike. If they steer and not countersteer , they're not going ten feet. You want to understand coutersteering? Ride down a moderately curvy road with your left hand on the gas cap the whole time. You'll understand all there is to know about how countersteering works. I'll make it even simpler for the egghead , real life impaired. Lets forget about the word countersteering and just call it steering , because that's what it is on a bike , it's just done differently. You want to save your life? Get something small that you can get sideways and control it sideways . That's what's going to save your life , through avoidance. I have taught people to ride and I've taught people to ride hard and I've taught a couple to be faster than myself. You can't learn control if you don't know what out of control is. WOULD I STEER YOU WRONG.
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