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Much needed update

Finally an update! Seems like I'll never get this bike back together...... Hopes are to have it back together in two weeks! At least in a rideable form. I have a little camping trip coming up, and would love to take the adv.

So I've gotten busy as of late and its been hard to try and find time to make it out to the garage. Its horrible because all of the parts are just sitting in the garage waiting to become a motorcycle again. I thought I would take you all on a tour of my commute to my garage. Just so you can get the sense of what its like living in the City. . This is the view right across the street from my apartment.

My weapon of choice to get to the garage. Much faster than any subway or car. The only thing faster than these two wheels is a motorcycle. Its really the only way to travel in the city. Especially during rush hour, my commute to the garage during rush hour in my van can be more than an hour. At least with the bike its always about 25 minutes. Depending on how fast I feel like pedaling.

Just up the block a little

An intersection that marks my half way point. Also quite a busy 4 way. Always have to be aware of drivers going through red lights.

Fellow travelers. Although it seemed like this was the first time this group of people had been on bikes in the city. They seemed quite scared. A good sign of this too was that they were all on rental bikes. Often a sign to stay clear of them while passing. They can be unperdictable and cause you to swerve into traffic no good.

Up next to the park and almost to my garage I spotted another inmate. Thought I would snap a picture. Anyone recognize the bike?

Alright, Finally to the garage! On this particular day I came to the garage to work on my track bike. Had to get it ready for some fun days I had coming up.

My brother-in-law and I headed to VIR. I thought it would be a great experience for him to get more comfortable with his bike. We did the Reg pridmore school down there. I had done it once before with Gregor and had an amazing time. It was definitely where I started to first learn how to really ride a motorcycle.
I wish I had pictures of my on the track.... I don't have any worth showing though. Heres one of my brother-in-law and I near the beginning of the blue ridge parkway

So finally back from "mini vacations" time to get down to business on this ADV. Its been a box for far to long.

One of the first days I got to put some time in on it I got the cases back on the engine. . They look fancy. I also had a minor set back. On the generator cover side when I was putting the fitting back in for the breather tube it stripped out the threads. Some powder coat had gotten on the thread.. Case ruined

However, looking at the other side of the bike made me feel a lot better. Plus everything is a learning experience. Next time you can bet your ass I'll check those threads twice after I get something powder coated. Know that I had some more black going on the bike I was inspired to add some more of these shiny "new" parts. This meant getting the bearings back in the swing-arm.

I had to come up with a make shift bearing press to make this happen. It worked! It took a lot of muscle though to get it in there. After all the fuss if I ever have to press more bearings I am totally going to think of investing in a small press.

Its great to have great friends. Not only was Gregor able to hook me up with a "brand new" generator cover after I ruined mine He was also really excited to come to my garage and clean the powder coat off the rear brake slide rail. Did you know that the rear brake fits pretty tight back there? With that extra Millimeter of powder coat the rear brake won't slide on. Well you do now.

With Gregors help we got the CPR intake installed. In the process we also found out that one of the rubber boots for the throttle body was upside down. Also, Sometime in its life the clamps got switched around. If you ever take those rubber boots off make sure they go back the right way. They are two different sizes!

Do you know whats inside this fitting to connect the breather tube to the air box?

Theres a little plastic ball in there. Do you know what happens when I try and install the fitting into the new baseplate of the rott. intake?
It goes down there!

What? can't see it? Neither could we for the longest time..... Finally we were able to fish it out from in-between the two heads.

After that we called it quits. It was close to 12 at that point. Time to stop. More updates coming soon I hope.

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