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Originally Posted by John Smallberries View Post
Very interesting. If I read your note correctly, you are able to calibrate a single channel on the new PDM60 to handle 20 amps. Did I get that right? This appears to be different than what I've seen written previously which implies a 15-amp limit to any individual channel.

From the RocketMoto website: "With custom programming, the current capacity of each circuit, up to 15Amps maximum, can be can be adjusted in .25A (1/4AMP) increments to meet your specific requirements."

If I can truly get a single channel at 20 amps - it may be worth the upgrade!
Correct. The latest firmware permits one 20A circuit. Does not increase the 60A max for the entire unit though. If you have a PDM60 that was sold prior to about February, we'll update the firmware for you at no charge, other than return postage. The firmware update also enable the USB cable programming.

We'll update our description on the site - thanks for catching that.
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