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Originally Posted by John Smallberries View Post
It looks like they could not find a way to use a standard USB cable connector on the PDM60 end (mini, micro, etc.), so they probably had to pay someone to tool up a special one. Given that they only sell a few thousand of these gadgets, they probably aren't making any killing - even at $40 per.

I am curious as to why a simple mini-USB wouldn't have worked. You have the problem of making it waterproof either way.

Hey Rowe guys - fess up!

Regardless - the new one is still on my "wanna have" list......
The PDM60 was never intended to be end-user programmable. These are programmed with a PIC debugger at the factory (or dealer), and it's not USB on output of the PIC-IT tool. That's the reason behind the non-USB header programming connector on the PDM60, and the new cable is not just a plain ol' USB cable. Perhaps on the next version of PDM60, whenever that is, the programming interface will be different. I've provided some input in this regard.

Hope that helps.

We'll update any Version 2 PDM60 - regardless of where it was purchased, to the new USB cable compatible firmware, for the cost of return postage.
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