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this is Dunluce castle from east side, dull, cloudy and typical weather to be looking at castles !

as i headed on east and north i came upon a famous name, in the whiskey world anyway !

the visitor centre here was mobbed so a quick wee dram and away we go again !! sooner than i expected i was upon the giants causeway.

famous place for sure but now big gates, visitor centre, slides, videos, trinkets and all the crap you can imagine to sell to the poor unwitting tourist !!

properly f**ked it up i do think, but that is what we call progress..

i didn't even have the heart to linger there so you are just getting the signpost instead !

anyway, these little guys were far more entertaining running about and messing around....

more nice, easy on the eye scenery, it is everywhere up these parts..

and it was starting to warm up and brighten could get better !!

this is nearside the carrick a rede rope bridge, which is what it's called and brings you out to a wee island...popular on the touristy trail too.

I was too lazy to go the 100 yards to check it out but you know how it is, i had places to be and things to do !

more rocks and such..

soon enough I was in Ballycastle where the locals speak with a really soft scottish like accent, nice beach here also...

in the wee north there are catholic towns and villages, protestant towns and villages and mixed towns and villages. it seems to have been this way for
hundreds of years. each religion has their own separate identity and some cling tight to it to preserve all that is good about their community. in the south of
ireland this has dissipated very much and we now all worship at the church of mc donalds, supermacs, sky sports, alcohol, gambling and other notable religions !

but up north it is rangers, celtic, g.a.a., bible worship, new frontiers, queen, country, free state, sterling, the euro and all such stuff. it can make for a heady
cocktail but the people here have endured such hardship for so long and now are making their way in fine style. take for instance even the sport of golf -
not my cup of tae but they have GMAC (graeme mc dowell) and rory mc illroy to mention just two. then formula one, rugby, musicians, poets - they do punch
way way above their weight for such a small place. the greatest musician/poet living today in my humble opinion is none other than Van the Man, Mr Morrison who
has crafted some of the most visionary music in my lifetime without a doubt.....!

enough self opinionated stuff, apologies for raving on like john donne, after all i was heading 'way up to caledonia, way up from denmark' !

next stop was cushendall, pic just shows one side of the coin in that the locals show a proud heritage of their past in murals, there are many others of every kind
but this one was an easy one to get..

and cushendall sans murals..

away up the road and soon some glens of antrim were unfolding and disappearing behind me, the roads were good, no loose gravel so far..

i met this guy in transit, he was very big and very gentle..

i think this place was called torr head, it looked good in the distance anyways.

just to show you how good the road surface is here..

another of torr head a bit closer, it was a kodak moment quite frequently on this bit on road, so i had to just stop and take it in..

another town, another harbour !

and another picture of the 'another' harbour in the 'another' town !

back out on the road it seemed everyone was doing something on their sunday off...walking, running, bicycling, climbing and this looked peaceful, canoeing.

soon enough i was in the town of glenarm !

it seems the roads can get clogged up after all...!!

i was getting hungry now and stopped at 'half way house' ?!...and this is their view !

this was parked outside...i was thinking, mother of god if you dont eat all of your dinner here you will be in trouble with the police !

i needn't have worried, it was no bother to eat it all up..!!

these wee red beaked fellas were jumping around on the rocks outside by the sea.

in a blast i am in larne and follow signs to the problems...i didnt even have my ticket, just an email from the ferry company - no bother, on you go !!
hot now and the wait isn't easy..chatted the only other biker going on the ferry, he was coming back from the isle of man tt races and had a blast !!

as you can tell the ferry was full and there was standing room only !!

soon we're underway and saying adios to dear old ireland !!

to be continued, thank you for your time.
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