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Originally Posted by [COLOR=DarkOrange
kingofZroad[/COLOR];21593963]Wish I'd known you were coming to Montrose, I'd have bought you ANOTHER beer!!!
KingofZroad: Next time I'm taking you up on it! I'm going to have a very hard time staying away from that part of the state, way too much unseen.

Originally Posted by Super T View Post
"Corkscrew on the other hand was gravel, rock, switchbacks and rocky sections not necessarily cut out for big bikes." Excellent Info & I'm in: in the East & heading to the Colorado Passes for the first time in 2014 on a Super Tenere. I'll be interested in your thoughts on trail reports for 800+ pound bikes. I want to do Engineer Pass but will avoid Corkscrew thanks to your report....thinking the way to Engineer Pas for me will be to enter via Silverton & exit to Lake City..what do you think? THANKS
Super T: I think you're on the right track, I didn't take the Silverton access but I understand it's easy as pie. If you're coming from the East, I would actually enter at Lake City and work your way around which ever rotation you feel like. It's basically a dirt road that climbs all the way up to Engineer, runs along the river, great views and you shouldn't have any problems w tip overs.

Other tips.. Telluride, hit Telluride. Getting to Telluride: Do some homework on this trail but check out Black Bear Pass road that connects hwy just south of 550 all the way to the back side of Telluride. I'ts a seasonal and single lane directional trail(not because it's too small for bikes, it's too small for two jeeps to fit past each other.) It drops you right into the town center of Telluride. The other option is to take Ophir Pass road which is a stupidly gorgeous, and big bike friendly trail that will drop you off right next to Tel as well. Go to Tel, get pizza and brown dog, drink beer, flirt with the waitstaff, I recommend it.

Other other tips.. This is a biggy here so I've got my serious face on.. go here..


Find this road 58P out of Sawpit

It'll take you straight up the mountain on easy switchbacks, keep going till you hit Last Dollar Road, hang a right and be ready to poop your pants. Probably the most scenic road I've seen outside of Ireland. Two other bonuses, you have cell phone reception so you can antagonize your friends with pictures on facebook, use your google maps to zoom in on trails in the area and call my mom.. the other is there's some of the most majestic camping spots you'll see in years scattered all over the place. Free camping, legal, fire pits and all, I just can't vouch for availability on weekends as I only saw it on the weekdays which was absolutely vacant. Hope this helps with your future ride and keep me posted when you're riding through

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