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Originally Posted by RGuerra View Post

The "outside" lean of the tires on the car fools us, but what really matters is that the centrifugal and gravity forces are in equilibrium.

Or I think so.

Of course it is trickier to do it with the car.
You got it. The point at which lean angle is perfectly maintained is the point where gravity and centrifugal forces are equal. That doesn't have much to do with counter-steering though.

Not that it matters if you know this or not but this is how it does effect counter-steering. If you turn the handlebars left, you create a centrifugal force that pushes the motorcycle's mass right. This makes the motorcycle lean right and vise versa. That is for the initial turn in. Here is how counter-steering works mid corner while leaned over. If the centrifugal forces get weaker (turning the handlebars away from the corner) the motorcycle will fall to the ground because gravity wins out. If the centrifugal forces get stronger then the motorcycle will be pushed upright.

Long after I started riding I decided to learn how it worked. If you don't care how it works then just practice it. You really don't need to know the physics of it which get more complicated then I can understand when you add in all of the factors at work. You just need to know counter-steering. You need to consciously practice whether you use the "push right - go right" method or just pay attention to turning the bars left or right with both hands. "Just riding" for most people creates a lot of bad habits compared to practicing one simple proper riding technique at a time.
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