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RideDualSport, AZ Tom, Ks-Rydr, Gunslinger, Bob, huzar, Ferguson Valley- thanks for the comments.

JackB1- I am looking forward to taking you up on that!

MUS- Facebook? What's that?

socalhodaka- Cool, you have one of the Toad's siblings!

prsdrat- That will become my new slogan when I arrive at my destination at the end of the day: "Hodaka esta aqui!"

TomW- Careful, our I will tell everyone how you land a Cessna!

In case anyone is interested, you can track my trip progress on my Spot device page at the address below. You will note that I am a couple of days behind in my ride report posts, but hope to get caught up soon. I am currently in Ozark, AR, about to cross into OK.
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