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Originally Posted by fbj913 View Post
brand new battery (less than 4 months old). brand new charger, Charge It 12V Auto Battery charger. I was using the 2 amp rate. Wires are exposed because I disconnected everything to try and find the problem. They don't sit like that when the bike is moving.
I was told I should see a minimum of 14.75 or better volts at 4500 RPM's
normal charging voltage is 13.8v to 14.2v at mid rpm .. not familiar with battery charger above. please provide a link. make sure you don't have parasitic drain ... that will kill battery in a hurry. PB batteries that get drained to dead may not come back. warranty that battery while it's still fairly new.

normally a 2 amp PB charger will not hurt an AGM if not left on for extended periods. don't exceed 14.8v when charging AGM.

charge battery out of bike to full .. then allow to rest overnight. AGM should be 12.8v range fully charged. if your bike cranks over with battery 12.8v resting voltage. your battery is fine.

go back a few pages ... there's a Yuasa 900 milliamp charger that's excellent for not much $$$
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