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I made my way to Farmington where I turned toward Mary_Minerva_McCroskey_Memorial_State_Park and Skyline Dr. an 18 mile long dirt road that goes through the park.

I like that the park is dedicated to the strong frontier women.
"This 5,300-acre park was given to the state of Idaho in 1955 and is dedicated to the memory of frontier women and the hardships they endured"

The start of Skyline Dr.

It’s been a number of years but I used to dirt ride here every so often and have good memories of exploring the trails. The website indicates there are 32 miles of trails in the park. I know many of them are single track and there are a few ATV trails as well. Even though I was all over the place on my XR100 I didn’t ride much of Skyline Dr. and now I was going to ride it.

There are a few caches in the park, which I planned to look for. One of the cache pages did warn that the road could be “tricky” if wet, which had me a little concerned but I decided to do it anyway.

The road was wet but not bad at all. There were some areas that looked pretty slippery but the Superbug just sailed right through with no problem. There are some incredible views of the Palouse from Skyline Drive.

Looking at the map I could see another ride down here is in order to camp explore more roads.

There’s Steptoe_Butte across the way.

Here’s a couple of the single track trails that shoots off Skyline Drive.

And one suited for ATVs as well as dual sport bikes.

There is a campsite at the start of the trail above, which would be a nice place to camp and ride.

I stopped here to try and get a shot of the pretty view across the way.

The photo didn’t turn out worth beans but while I was stopped there a nice lady in a 4 wheel drive truck stopped to check on me. We talked for a few minutes and she was very pleasant. This type of thing would play again and again as I explored the back roads.

Stopped at the view point to check things out.

Again the pictures of the view didn’t turn out but I did get some flower pictures.

There were a lot of wild flowers blooming which I was enjoying.

It was funny, I only saw three other people in the park as I rode through and two of them were near cache hiding spots. Those will have to wait for another time.

Another road I need to come back and ride.

It was time for lunch and to find a geocache. This place is called “Fireplace” - I don’t know why I didn’t see a fireplace. The covered shelter and restroom was a welcome stop.

It stated to rain and hail a little bit while I was here so spending a little time having lunch worked out perfectly. Lunch was split pea soup and teriyaki beef chunks.

The cache was located only a few feet away from the shelter.

When you find a cache you sign the log book then also log it on the website later. You can leave something in the cache and take something. I normally leave some sort of ladybug trinket.

Someone left a cute little wreath. Often the things in the caches are kids toys which is great for families and at time people are tacky and leave broken or worn out junk. This one wasn’t bad at all.

The rain stopped so I took a little walk on a foot path and stopped to enjoy this flower along the way.

With the park having 32 miles of motorcycle trails I liked that they had one trail for walking/hiking.

It’s too bad some motorcyclist didn’t see fit to respect the foot trail in the picnic area and leave it as such. I bet that same rider doesn’t understand why people don’t like motorcyclists and want to close trails off to them completely.

Across from the picnic area there are three campsites, which are spread out nicely. Another good place to camp at some point.

If not for the cache at the picnic shelter I probably wouldn’t have stopped but because I did I discovered the campsites. The bathroom was also tucked back away from the road and I wouldn’t have known it was there either. Restrooms out in the woods are a little bit of luxury in my book. (I know all you men don't care one way or the other - it's a girl thing)

This curve was a lot wetter than the rest of the road and the trees are dripping with moss, which isn’t common in the park. It looked a lot cooler in real life than it does in the photo.

From the picnic shelter it was on to another cache, which is at this old Tavern.

There is supposed to be a cache here but no one has logged a find since 2011 and there have been a number of Did Not Finds logged. It looks like the cache was place before the fence was installed and the cache owner hasn’t taken care of it. There were also indications that it was difficult for vertically challenged people. I can relate to that. I thought it might be hanging in a tree behind the building. It wasn’t but I found this while poking around in the woods.

As I was checking out the old building I noticed something on the floor and it looks like the cache fell out of the rafters.

One last look and I was on my way again.

I wasn’t making miles very rapidly but the goal wasn’t to make mile it was to enjoy the sights along the way and I was doing just that.

It wasn’t long until I stopped again to enjoy a few minutes at this park.

There is a virtual cache here. No container to be found, just answer a few questions and email it to the cache owner. I took pictures of some of the signs but not the sign that had the answers I was looking for. I should have pulled out the questions and found the answers rather than going about it the lazy way. Oh well, just another reason to return.

This little building won’t last much longer if it doesn’t receive some TLC.

It looks more like a display log building rather than a "real" one since it doesn’t have any caulking between the logs. There’s a lot of daylight shining through.

Potlatch’s claim to fame.

A tribute to the transportation system that moved the lumber from here across the nation.

I found the road to my next stop and I was ignoring those black clouds in the sky. If I ignore it then it's not there.

Ooooooo a roller coaster road.

Had to take a picture of the road sign so I could remember where I was. I do that a lot.

There is a cache here but all I found was ugly water. Yuck…..

The next stop was more productive. Very pretty historic cemetery.

The cache

A stop here

The cache page said there is an easy long way to get to the cache or a short steep way to get to the cache. I took the short steep way.

I found the cache

The Library in Bolvill, ID

Things are fading away.

A post office for MortimerSickle

There's so much to see when taking the time to look around.....

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