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Thanks for replies guys!

@Kaput - I appreciate the warm welcome. Looking forward to building along with you!
@Patrick - What up 1980 RT buddy! Glad to hear most things are affordable.
@disston - Thanks for the honest answer. Your price quotes are really helpful, and you're likely right, taking it to a dealer will probably be necessary. I'm going to try and get as far as I can without damaging anything. Would the dealer be upset if I brought the bike to them with one of the heads apart?
@Plaka - Is there a lot of cross over from VW cars to BMW motorcycles? Or is the book itself useful for all mechanical applications?

Alright, first off, I made a pretty stupid mistake: I live about an hour away from where I work on the bike, and forgot the manual when I came down to work on it. Whoops. Also, I was sans-bike-friend, and am no where nearly confident enough to take the pushrod assembly apart without the manual. That being said, I did remove the valve cover and got a look at the pushrods. Is it just me, or does the left pushrod arm seem a little bent outward? I linked to the album so I don't break your guys' tables:

I also managed to borrow a snake light and attempted to get a look at the piston head, but it was too far down the cylinder to differentiate anything apart. The valves seem intact though! I should be back down either Monday or Wednesday for a second go at it. I'll post pictures and keep you guys updated!

Here she is in all her glory:
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