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Holed up in Brandond Mississippi

Jesus you FF's are needy!

The reunion went really well, unfortunately I didn't grab a ton of pics because I was to busy stuffing my face full of crab and crawfish. Here are some pics of my uncle's place, I only had 3g last night so I couldn't get stuff posted until I got some decent access. Right now the wife and I are eating Dominoes at the Laquinta Inn in Brandon Mississippi and I'm using their wifi. So here are some pics from my uncle's place and then I'll get to the RR you illiterate bastids.

My cousin Chad riding his little raptor. I got to see him do wheelies and stoppies on it, but I was to lazy to take pics.

This is his twin brother Matthew, everybody in my family can ride. My mom used to be a badass on a bike, but she doesn't ride now.

This is one of like 4 sheds packed full of fun toys.

This is my Uncle's 'Busa, you can't see it but the other side is entirely destroyed. His step son dropped it at like 10 mph and caused 3k in damage according to insurance.

Here, have some American muscle. This is my Uncle's road runner, the motor is stroked and bored out. It's an absolute monster.

This is the redline my uncle and cousin race. He was in Durham Town a few weeks ago and flipped it end over end about 4 times.

My new (to me) C14 with my cousin's '07 Gixxer.

So now that you asshats have some pics, I'll fill ya'll in on the trip so far. So we left Atlanta around 8am head for Cordele GA. I think we got there right around noon. We had a low country boil and pretty much had a fantastic get together. I got to see almost all of my remaining family including my 90 yr. old great grandmother. We had 5 generations under one roof, it was the first time Mrs. PamB got to meet everyone. It was fantastic and I'm pretty sure it's the last time that will happen for another generation as my great grandmother is not doing well.

After the festivities I went out with my cousin to fill the C14 up. I am seriously embarrassed to say this, but I dropped it at the gas station. My Grandpa lowered the bike and the kickstand is difficult to deploy. I didn't know that, but I should have kicked it to make sure. It's ok though, my cousin's Gixxer broke it's fall There wasn't any real damage, just a scuff on one of the saddle bags. We made some adjustments to the bike and I took Mrs. PamB for a ride. She was very happy with it.

This morning we left the house around 9 am. We took Hwy 280 to Hwy 80, it was a great ride. We made good time and rode for about 8 1/2 hours in total. It was great, but I think we spent about 6 hours being rained on. My wife decided not to wear her rain gear after we stopped for lunch and of course that was when the heavens opened up. It wasn't bad though, she was actually overheating so it worked well to cool her off. Unfortunately now her mesh jacket is soaked. I've got to repack the saddle bags tonight, they are stuffed to the limit. I think I'll bungie my wife's red backpack to the rear rack and use it to hold our rain gear.

I bought some mesh pants from and inmate and had them tailored, but I didn't get to try them before we left. They were a miserable failure. We got off Hwy 80 and Jumped on I20 in Meridian Mississippi. About the time we got on the freeway a truck hit a puddle and literally drenched my grandpa in probably 500 gallons of water. As we got near Brandon the weather started to get nasty. We hadn't hit any thunderstorms yet, but we would if we kept going. So we pulled off and got a room. Here is the pic from today, I've got to get up around 6:00 tomorrow so I'm going to sack out. This is my Grandpa and my great uncle after we got our rooms.

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