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Mystic to Canada on a Triumph Scrambler (New Guy)

Hello everyone.

This is my first post on the site. Iíve been pouring over threads on here for a sometime. I recently took a little trip on the motorbike and thought Iíd dive in and tell about it.

A little background Ė About a month ago I bought a 2012 Triumph Scrambler. Iíve loved the style for sometime and decided to pull the trigger. Keep in mind Iím coming from only ever having ridden a 1974 Honda CB360 (and Iím talking recently, not in the Ď70s haha, so itís an OLD bike) Ė so the Scrambler has plenty of power, comfort, guts, and glory for me. Experience is relative. So far itís been the absolute perfect bike for me. I can cruise comfortably on the Interstate around 80, carve though twisties with fantastic handling and grace, and when I see a side road made of dirt, gravel, pine needles, or grass, I have the ability to check it out. Itís just an incredibly FUN motorcycle.

So this last week I had Thursday and Friday off, making it a 4-day weekend. I recently moved to New England (CT) from California, and so far Iíd seen all the New England states (from a car) except Vermont. So I got the idea to make a run up through Vermont on the bike, to the Canadian border and back. Itís not exactly an around-the-world trek, but yaíknow, baby steps!

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