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The forecast called for rain. I decided to go for it anyway and pack rain gear, along with my camping supplies. By camping supplies I mean a tent and a sleeping pad, and that’s it haha. I was trying to keep things light, and just eat at cafes, restaurants, etc.

I’d never been on a motorcycle for more than a couple of hours, so this whole thing was a bit of a test run to see what the bike can do, and what I can do. I learned a few things about both.

I packed up the Scrambler Thursday morning. I have no luggage or rack system whatsoever on the bike, so I kinda fumbled and macgyver’d my way through it. I have a good hiking backpack that has straps on each side. I fastened the tent to one side and the sleeping pad to the other. Then I laid the whole setup flat on the rear end of the long, flat seat and used some tie-down straps to hold it in place. I looped these under the rear fender. Kinda ghetto, but it seemed to work until I figure out some sort of more permanent solution.

So finally I was off. The first leg of the trip, just to get to Vermont, was pretty uneventful. Mostly Interstates up through Hartford, Massachusetts and then to Brattleboro, VT. At this point I headed west to get to VT-100. I’d read good things about this road as the “must see” for cutting up through the state. I was not disappointed.

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