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The Scrambler held up and performed extremely well in the wet conditions. There was a sizable stretch of VT-100 that was under construction Ė unpaved, muddy, full of potholes Ė and it was a hoot to ride through on that bike (though Iím still cleaning caked and baked mud from the engine). Once I hit I-89 I hopped on there and headed up past Burlington to the border. I donít have a current passport so I could go no further, but I snapped a few photos at the Canadian border and headed south again. Throughout this basic route, I took many small detours down small roads, or little offshoots, so I took a lot of time to cover a relatively short distance (and in the rain, I wasnít trying to break any speed limits either). I headed back down and got a hotel room in Barre. I could have camped again, but I cringed at the thought of getting out my tent, which was packed away wet and muddy, and setting it up in the continual downpour. Not very adventurous of me, but the warm shower and comfortable bed made me glad I opted for the creature comforts.

The next day I headed south for home. The forecast called for rain again, but by 9 am or so the clouds had cleared and the rest of the day was just perfect riding conditions. I cruised down 89 and 91 though some of the most amazing scenery. Hilly vistas, dense forests, sprawling meadows. Itís like a little version of Switzerland (or Colorado for that matter). Just beautiful.

Once I got into Mass, I hit the 2-lane roads again and cut over to route 32, and took that down into Conn., eventually winding my way down to Mystic. Western Mass is also very beautiful and has a great New England charm to it. Worth a visit.

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