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So after this 3-day trip through Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont, here are my basic summariesÖ

The bike:
The Triumph Scrambler in my humble opinion, is a fantastic motorcycle. It held up incredibly well, purred like an angry lion the whole time. It just loves to be ridden. You almost feel bad when you have to shut her off to get gas, etc. because you get a sense when riding, that the motorcycle is having as much fun as you are. It wants to be out there on the road, it needs it, just like I do.

I had fit a small windscreen on the front (from Twisted Throttle, just up the road in RI) which helps cut down the wind on your body and greatly reduced fatigue. The wind still catches my helmet, but Iím not holding on for dear life like I used to without the screen, going upwards of 65 mph. I could use some real luggage set up, for these smaller trips, strapping a bag to the seat works fine. I have no other mods Ė other than the TOR exhaust which was already on the bike from the only previous owner (and sounds beautiful).

My gear:
I need better rain gloves. And I could use a better full face helmet. Around here I usually just wear a ĺ Biltwell helmet and goggles. But for the distance/rain, I used my old Vega full face helmet, which kinda sucks. Itís loud, REALLY loud. And kind of uncomfortable. I had rainproof pants over my regular pants, and an old waterproof North Face jacket over my other shirt/jacket. While not proper riding gear, all of this kept me warm and dry.

The route:
I highly recommend taking a ride through Vermont if you havenít been. It was everything I had hoped it would be, and I only saw what I saw, there are many roads and corners of the state that I have yet to explore. Itís a place set apart Ė thereís a great, slow pace and a realness to the landscape, to the towns, to the few people I met. I hardly hit any traffic whatsoever, which was also nice. Itís just very rural. Very wild.

All in all, I had a great few days in a great place on a great motorcycle. And for me, thatís what itís all about. I donít consider myself a hardcore adventure rider, but adventure is a loose term. And a relative term. Compared to sitting on my couch or at my office, carving around sweeping curves in the rain on a rural road in Vermont IS an adventure.

It ended up being 686 miles from door to door. Iíve got the bug. It was the first of hopefully many such trips on the Scrambler. Iíve got my sights set on riding up through Maine to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Anyone ridden that way? Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this report Ė Hereís to many more. Safe riding!

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