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As some of you have read in my Face Plant thread, I'm pretty much permanently going to be a member of this crew. I've got titanium in my left leg, my right leg, and my right arm. I'll post a few x-ray pics.

Left femur--simple fracture which reduced well.

Right femur--open fracture with massive destruction. Three inches of bone lost and still trying to heal the fracture, some 21 months later. There will be some grafting and plating, then the bone will be broken again and the Ilisarov fixator reinstalled to lengthen the bone and leg to the original length.

Left humerus--the head of the humerus was broken into multiple pieces (the surgeon described it as dust). More work will be done to this after I've got two good legs under me.

Still in a wheelchair at the moment, but that is not my future. I plan on riding and working again. Count on it.

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