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Originally Posted by PaulGinAZ View Post
I did some research and consulted with some VW experts and need to correct my statement above. The B3 featured the 2.0 9a 16v on Bosch Motronic where the B4 featured the ABA OBDII 2.0 8v motor (the one in the OP's Passat), the AHU TDi (like the one in my Tristar Syncro) and the coil-pack equipped OBDII VR6.

Mine was a GLX VR6 wagon.
ah. I thought you were saying that the B4 platform was not ABA. B4 went from 94-...97?ish? I dunno. But my 96 was OBDII and ABA with the good manual trans. (O2A?) With the StageII supercharger on the tranny never missed a beat.
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