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At the rate I was going I wasnít going to get to where I wanted to camp but I didnít want to just by pass fun things to check out either. Beside I didnít have a real plan of where I was going to camp just an idea of what area I might stop for the night.

Another fun scenic road the Elk_River_Backcounty_Byway

I spotted a few things on the sign that I would like to check out but not now. My idea was to return through Elk River on my way home so I figured I would do it on the way back.

The road twists and turns on its way to Dworshak Reservoir. Shortly after this photo the road turned to dirt.

Enjoying mountain views.

Dworshak Reservoir

I thought I would find camping in this area but I didnít. I spotted a group camping area but it was gated and locked. Later I discover the regular camping was before the group area but I didnít start looking for camping until after the group area.

My first sighting of the Dent_Bridge I knew from photos it is a beautiful bridge but like so many things the photos just canít capture that first view in real life.

I dropped down to the reservoir and the Dent_Bridge

"In 1972 the Dent Bridge earned the "American Institute of Steel Construction Award of Merit 1972 Long Span," having been judged as one of the 18 most beautiful structures in America."

There wasnít any traffic so I got a shot of the Superbug coming off the bridge.

In the area there are 5 caches that I had in the GPS figuring on camping in the area and looking for them. I was so taken by the bridge and getting pictures of it I forgot all about looking for the caches.

I was hoping to find camping before I got to Orofino, ID but I didnít and it was starting to get late. In Orofino I fueled up and headed out looking for camp. I stayed on the North side of the river and Hwy 12 with the hopes there would be camping.

It was a nice ride but the further the sun dropped the more deer I was seeing. It was starting to look like I would be riding after dark which I try to avoid but I was enjoying the views and the ride.

It was so pretty out there.

I got to Lenore, ID and this old style Post Office.

If you think postal workers have a cushy job you might want to re-think that. It doesnít look all that cushy too me. My cube at work is a lot more cushy than this.

It was late enough I decided camping wasnít going to happen, it was time for me to find a motel and get off the road. I crossed the river, got on Highway 12 and made a beeline for Orofino.

I spotted a motel shortly before Orofino so I pulled in. The office wasnít obvious and the motel looked a bit sketchy so I pulled out and continued on. At Orofino I saw a sign for a motel but I didnít pay attention to directions figuring how difficult could it be to find it. I found a nice Best Western that was hosting a convention but it really isn't my type of place. I returned to the sign I spotted and paid attention to the directions to the motel. It was three miles north. I headed the direction the sign pointed and was headed out of town (town if very small). I couldnít image a motel being out there but I decided I would go at least 3 miles before I turned around. Sure enough there is a motel there and I liked it.
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