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Well, I had some good riding in the UP a few weekends ago. Weather was kinda crappy, but that's the UP for yah. I got food poisoning one night (though thankfully very minor). Oddly enough I rode rather well the day after not feeling well. I pinched a tube on the Saturday, and did my best to do a 10 minute tire change (probably more like 20 minutes with scouting for a tool to prop up the bike). A KTM rider in the group lost his rear wheel bearings later on that day, and that single picture I snapped would come back to bite me in the rear.

I mentioned last time that the WZ290F was acting up. Well, I started digging into it to see if I could find the problem. The coolant loss was immediately explainable with the water pump bearing looking like it had failed (coolant loss out the water pump weep hole). The odd noise in the engine however, was a different story. I noticed some shrapnel in the oil filter, but nothing was immediately apparent. I pulled the complete clutch basket and was able to get a good look inside.

Not the easiest to see, but:

Main bearing failure. Ok, no biggy, tear down, replace the bearings and rock n roll. I figured while I was waiting on parts, may as well check the crank. I'd feel kinda goofy if I didn't so into the lathe it went to check for trueness. Standard spec - 0.0012". Max out of concentricity - 0.002". Measured - 0.005" Ok, so all we need now is a new crank, bearings, yadda yadda yadda. I began cleaning up more of the parts to find this:

Well, looking like we're going back to a 250cc on this thing, cause that cylinder is done. Is it Friday yet?

Now I'm just deciding if I keep the WR trans in it, or toss the YZ trans back in. I'm thinking the YZ trans may go back in, as it'll be fine for racing purposes (if the bike ever sees one).

Which by the way, 2nd race is this Sunday. Cool thing too, is on the 21st I'll be racing a local Stadium MX event. At this point, I'll be on the WR450F racing 450B.

Ok back to work and attempting to figure out how to fund all these bike repairs. Might be cheaper to buy a new bike.

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