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update for the last few days.

Well a few more pictures of the San Diego boys.

They are a top bunch of blokes that just love their bikes & adventure.
Heres one for Seano & Wez. Remember whats done in the US stays in the US.

The bike gathering outside.

Bit of San Diego from on top of MT helix

I stitched this on the back of my Dri Rider so people can make allowances for my slow riding.

Few more pictures at eds place for another catch .

Heres me old mate Rad just before i was setting of back
to LA

& cody the wonder dog

Then i got to Temecula & pulled the clutch three times & it was rooted.
Tried putting baby oil in it in front of a grocery store with no luck.
Mind you the pharmacy was not keen on giving me a syringe until he worked out i didn't need the needle. After that had been clarified he was more than happy to help me. So no luck bleeding the clutch & after i pulled off the slave cylinder i found that it was very ovalled.

So i put on the spare that Dave had lent me & still no dice.
So i luckily took Daves advice on becoming a aaa member so i phoned them for a tow. Old mate rocked up 20mins after in his truck to pick me up.

Whilst i was pushing the bike up onto the tilt tray i slipped on oil that was on the tray & 400 pounds of bike nailed me good and proper to the tray. I was stuck. As it was in a busy car park people came out of the woodwork to help lift the bike off me.
Heres the bike on the truck.

So 70mile tow back to Daves house & a saving of $8.00 per mile for being a triple a member.
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