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Per 06/09/2013 blog posting:

"So I decided to change the settings on my GPS. But because I've done it so
many times on my trip, I felt too confident and comfortable. This is a
problem that all riders have. Confidence make you oblivious to dangers. And
so it happened.

While I spend a mere 5 seconds changing the settings on the GPS, a car had
stopped completely in front of me. By the time I looked up, it was maybe 8
feet in front of me. First response was to press the brakes, but to no
avail. I was too fast, too close, the road was dirty, with gravel, uneven
and cracks in it. Combination of all of these made me not slow down at all.
I hit the car. Next thing I knew, my body hit the roof of the car. Then the
scooter leaned forward causing my legs to be catapulted over. I kept on
tumbling around ,eventually falling to the road."
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