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Edmond Dantès:Not sure about that one, anyone else know anything?

Britome: I need to check that out, I loved their trail choices in UT. I need to check out CO. I'll be curious to see who they did w corkscrew, parts of that trail were a pain in the ass.

SuperT: Sounds like Black Bear is a horrible idea.. As seen below, if anyone has to walk a KTM down anything, think twice about it. I'm going to hit it with my jeep in a couple weeks and scout it. The views are supposed to be worth the near certain death.

BayRocket: Good friggin input.. I've ridden KTMs, if you had to walk that thing down anything, I'd probably be doing cartwheels on the GS, it ain't that kind of beast.

805Gregg: I'm all over it, I'll be doing a big push to cover as much ground as I can once the Aspens turn.
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