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I wake up on a couch that I don't remember laying down on. My eyes are sprained and I my teeth feel a little soft. Wait, I remember this feeling.... This is why I don't mix alcohol... Last thing I remember I was shoveling cold spaghetti in my face like my own survival depended on it and drinking with these jerks...

On further inventory, my right arm is sore from arm wrestling, the right side of my body is bruised from falling out of a golf cart and it tastes like a cat shit in my mouth from cigars.. What a night.

A few of the guys rode and pointed me in the direction of Telluride as a place worth seeing. They rattled off Black Bear pass and Ophir pass as must do's so after sleeping in till 11:00, I finally stumble out the door.


Obligatory traffic jam to pull over and take pictures of the Elk herd.

Still feeling like a sad sack I stop off and grab lunch at Telluride Bistro. The food server gal starts asking me questions about what I'm up to and where I'm headed. She mentions she had a dirtbike as well and said there's a bunch of trails close by worth seeing. She mentions Ophir Pass which I already knew about and also mentions her personal favorite scenic route, Last Dollar road out of Sawpit. Last Dollar it is.

Drove through yet another patch of dense Aspens into a clearing, God I love this state..

The view from being out on this little point with a drop on all sides but behind you was pretty spectacular, difficult to truly capture with a camera(or iphone). I spent an hour here sending picture messages to everyone I know. Love this road.

Continuing on.. As I gain in elevation, I see more and more primitive camp sites between the trees. Talk about a stellar place to camp.

At this point I had to make a decision. The sun was getting low, I could either camp here in what would be up there on my list of epic camp sites, or push on and try to scramble over Ophir pass to catch a sunset and roll the dice on where to camp.. Can't help it. On the Ophir.

Cool trail. The trail starts off of Hwy 145 going south out of town, County Road 630 climbs though the little town of Ophir on the way to Ophir pass. Odd little town, obscene beauty on all sides, all the roads are dirt, it feels very remote yet there's quite a community of houses. Children at play signs everywhere and from a windshield survey I'd say the people in town are reasonably young. I'm guessing this is where the regular folk live that work in Telluride that can't afford the celebrity prices of living in town. Cool place, although I don't think they like two wheeled tourists, I got the stink eye from the only people I saw walking around.

The road narrows and becomes progressively less maintained, and with progressively better views.

The Pass

Stayed for the sunset and made a run for Hwy 550 on the other side.

By the time I made it back to 550 I was both out of time, out of energy and not feeling the idea of setting up camp in the freezing dark. I pussed out and headed back to Ouray to grab a room, grab a Guiness at O'Brien's Pub and pass the hell out.

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