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We made it! Zimmer Creek to East Mtn Lookout

I'll post up a video of this ride in a few days. This is our ride to the B-47 crash site, Packer John lookout, East Mtn lookout and back.

Well, I had a great day of riding with my friend Rick and one of my son's, Kyle. It was not a hard day of riding, but a long day of riding, which made it feel like a hard day of riding! We left around 0945 and got back to the rigs around 2000. Miles wise only between 110-120, but one of the longest over 100 mile days of riding I can remember. Good time!

I've rode most of our days route last year solo, but wanted to show my son some of the sights. He usually rides out in the desert, but wanted to get a taste for some mountain riding. A taste he got!

Our first destination for the day was Packer John Lookout and the old Air Force B-47 crash site. Rick and I visited these sites a couple years ago. On the way we ran into the first of 2 obstacles on the day. We were able to easily ride around to the right.

Made it to the old crash site. A few smaller pieces remain, but nothing much larger than a couple feet long. For additional crash site info

Rick (Truelight) at the crash site

On towards Packer John.
The "Stig" LOL (My son Kyle) at Packer John Lookout

Rick facing the crash site in the distance from Packer John

Oregon Air Force well inside Idaho borders keeping tabs on me!

Parked for lunch half way between Packer John lookout and East Mtn lookout

Distant view north towards Cascade and Cascade Lake, Idaho

Viewing west across the valley is Snowbank mountain with the FAA Radar ball visible on the top right

To get a perspective of the distance from us, here is a pano of Snowbank Mtn and Cascade

After lunch and couple more hours of riding, we make it to East Mtn lookout. To get to the lookout, we seperated for a while at the East Mtn Way Trail head.
Kyle rode 9.2 miles on the East Mtn Way trail to the lookout, while Rick and I rode 18 miles of logging roads to the lookout. Kyle arrived
about 5-10 minutes before us

Another tree blocked access by road to the lookout. Kyle found an ATV trail which also led up to the lookout. Here he is walking
back up after guiding us in. (Note to anyone who visits here. Could you bring a flag and replace the tattered one here. I plan to
do it myself, but not sure when I'll get back).

In this photo from last year's ride, you will notice how much of my view was obstructed by the smoke from all the forest fires.This year we had a pretty clear view

Resized to 82% (was 1024 x 768) - Click image to enlarge

This is why I'd like to replace the flag

Resized to 82% (was 1024 x 768) - Click image to enlarge

The "Stig" unmasked

I was here last year and didn't remember seeing this. Wonder where this marked trail from the lookout leads?

Aha, it leads to the "LaPooper". Structurally sound outside, business seating area inside has deteriorated tho!


This is something I've not mentioned up to now. I have a larger gas tank and knew I'd have no problem making the trip on 1 tank of gas, but Rick with the stock TW tank was concerned this trip would be at the outer limits of the TW's range, so I brought an extra gallon in case Rick needed it (I had more cargo space available). Kyle has a desert tank on his KTM so no problem there right? Wrong!

Kyle (Stig) ran out first, so he only put in only 1/2 gallon in just in case Rick would need it later. Rick in fact ran did run out of gas, but when he did, it was down hill back to the rigs and he coasted back. Kyle ran out again but coasted down to the rigs as well.

Well, this concludes our ride. By looking at the smiling faces, can you tell who was point man on the ride?

Hint, I might not have any dirt on my face. Giggle
But these two do!!

Had a great ride guys, thanks for coming.
For the record, I hate snakes!

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