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Delayed post of Dust Eaters trail clearing ride near Sargents.

Friday morning (June 7) we headed up Indian Creek. We ran into snow on top and had to skirt some drifts trying to get down to Lime Creek. We were only able to get within about a 100 yds of the old mine before Lime Creek Trail before we were forced to turn around.

We then headed over to Milk Creek via the yellow gate off of Marshall Pass Rd. The Cross Bar Ranch has put a locked gate right before the well that always flows water. You now have to ride the fence line around to the USFS road. Then you come to another gate put in by the Cross Bar, but this gate you are able to open. We cleared Milk Creek over to Long Branch. We then headed up Baldy to Hicks. Took Hicks down the 2 miles to the private property boundary and cleared lots of trees. We then proceeded up Dutchman to the top. More trail clearing and a few snow drifts we busted through before the turn to Left Hand. We skipped Left Hand and went to the top. We then headed east on the CDT towards Baldy. Hit one large area of snow drifts that we did a ride around. We also cleared some trees. We got to Baldy Trail and tried to head down. 100 yards down, too much snow. We then rode the CDT all of the way to Tank Seven, clearing as we rode. We rode and cleared Tank 7 and back to camp.

Saturday (June 8) we rode Milk Creek to Big Bend, Big Bend up to Sargents Mesa and then east to Windy Peak, all the while clearing many trees. We ran into huge snow banks (see pics) up on top just past the natural gas pipeline at the rocky open area where you look down on Marshall Pass road and we could see our camp site. We rode around them and headed to Windy Peak. More huge snow banks at the 2 switch backs just before you get in the clearing to the green gate. At the green gate, major snow and we had to turn around. We then rode down the forest road after the major rocky downhill back to Marshall Pass road and back to camp. We probably cleared 45 trees in 2 days. We still have to do Baldy and Long Branch, North Gulch, Upper Right Hand, Summit, Upper Razor. We’ll be back June 27. The snow should be close to gone by then on the upper trails. We will also hit the Canyon Creek / Pitkin / Fossil Ridge Loop.

Break time at the Marshall Pass Road overlook.

Windy Peak area.

The Green Gate Trail lurks on the north side of the hill.

Nice work, Guys and Gal.
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