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Although you're certainly not the first person to post this little gem of misinformation, pretending that everyone is drunk and out to kill you is really fucking stupid advice which has no basis in reality. The truth is that if drivers WERE out to kill us then they probably could and would kill/maim us with impunity.

A much more reality-based approach is to recognize that due to inattentiveness and/or physiological imperfections in human vision processing that's it's very possible for a driver not to be aware of your presence. Do they want to kill you? Nope. If for no other reason than they don't want dents in their car and being taken away from their normal activities to deal with the hassle of an accident.

Can someone "look right at you" and still pull out in front of you? Yes, sure enough, happens all the time. Does it mean they aren't sober or are homicidal? Nope.

If I actually rode like "everyone is drunk and trying to kill me" then I'd probably end up with a shitload of tickets and my license being pulled.

And, as a driver, if I'd really wanted "try to kill MC riders" then, at my age, I'd already have a quarter panel full of rider silhouettes by now.

"Pretend you're invisible" is much better advice which has a grounding in reality.

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