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I spent the evening reading and re-reading the Bentley manual. I'm still a noob to these V-dubs and apparently the device on the back of the engine on the transmission end that I thought was the EGR valve was the "combi-valve" for the secondary air injection system.

I was up early and had the hood up outside in the daylight this morning instead of a darker garage. I found the EGR on the rear of the engine on the dampner end under the plenum. There were some more vacuum lines on this side and there was a long one that runs in front of, and snaps in to the timing belt cover that goes to the EGR valve. It was not connected at the valve end. I'm speculating it got pulled off accidentally when the dealer was changing the timing belt. I replaced it with new line and pulled a vacuum with the MityVac and the idle slowed right down and got rough and then sped up and smoothed out when I released the vacuum. I replaced every other piece of vacuum hose in sight and buttoned her up.

The little bugger passed its emissions test this evening with flying colors!!!

Gonna hit the DMV and get the new title and license plate tomorrow afternoon when the boy gets out of summer school.

Thanks again for all of the feedback, references, referrals and help!

At this point the car is 99% perfect. Only the moon roof isn't working, it blows fuses. It's the one thing mom didn't bother to have fixed since in Vegas, like here, you just cook the top of your head when its open and in Oregon it flat rained too much. Maybe next winter break when the weather is perfect, we might give it a whirl. I did see in the manual there is a hand crank underneath the switch cover. If that cranks it open & closed smoothly, my guess is its a short in a wire or the motor. If its clunky, my guess is it is full of dirt and crud and needs a good cleaning and lubrication.
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