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Originally Posted by bigbadandugly View Post
Installed some SW-Motech bar risers on my GS tonight! The bar position feels great!! I was surprised to see that only two of the four clamp bolts actually secure the bars to the triple tree. In a full lock right turn the added height causes the clutch cable to be too taught, so that is tomorrow's epic project - drop the fork tube and re-route the clutch cable over the top triple clamp and not under it.

One of the reasons I installed the steering damper is because the steering damper install required that the lower bar clamp to bo reversed. This had the effect of moving the too far bars forward. The bar risers allowed me to put the bar clamp back in the original fashion.
Missed the group buy by a few days... Any chance of a second waive?

Can you tell me about the install - did you do it yourself? How hard was it? I was considering hyperpro just because install was easier. Did you give it a workout yet, can you comment on prformance? Thanks
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