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Update on pending orders-


Good news is I have all the lights in my hands, so the second half actually arrived early. The bad news is that I was surprised when I saw them because they all had a hole milled into the center of the housing that has never been there before. I did not move ahead with the wiring today because I was worried that I might need to send them back.

It took most of today for my dealer to look into it and the end result is this. The hole is covered by a gore-tex membrane in the form of a small sticker like object. The purpose is to allow condensation within the housing to escape. Evidently they have had some issues with people pressure washing these lights and forcing water past the gasket. Ok this explanation was beyond me. How about telling people not to pressure wash the lights?

So, it is my intention to finish them up tomorrow night and mail them out on Wednesday. For this group and any future purchasers, it would be your option to leave the membrane in place or remove it and put a dab of black RTV sealant over the hole. I honestly cannot give any advise in this area. I have had mine in place (an original) for many washings and rainstorms, and have no issues, nor have I heard anything from any prior buyers, many of whom I believe are taking their Tigers into more punishing conditions than I do mine.

I just wanted to let everyone know where the order stood, get the new information out there and update shipping information.

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