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2001-02 GSXR1000 Muffler Install

This is a conversion done and recommended by many. There is plenty of info available on the web about this with more or less universal acclaim:

With some useful components to facilitate an installation available from Keintech:

The advantages are identified as:
  • Lightweight Titanium can
  • mechanical baffling so no repacking ever required
  • Suzuki branding and part no etc stamped onto can, so looks stock
  • not too loud
  • gives a good result for power and torque with the DR650
  • not too expensive, depending
Why me?
My Megacycle can came with the bike and now has over 50,000 kms on it. I had repacked it twice in that time and it is due again. The stainless wool packing in there now has lasted about 30,000 kms, but its been getting noisier, so due again. It also has something loose inside rattling around, and in addition its wearing through the can where the mounting 'loop' bracket fits. The whole exhaust seems to lengthen about 3 mm when it gets hot so the can is routinely moving back and forth.

You can see some of the wear in the above pic. Note also that I'd rubber mounted the bracket to the frame, but this really doesn't seem to make a difference in this application.

So nothing terminal with the Megacycle, just due for some maintenance.

But in the meantime, a few months ago I spotted a X40F1X on eBay. No bids, and with a buy now for $90 + $15 P&H so it became mine to try and see if the hype is justified.

The X40F1X is the Oz version of the X40F0X mostly referred to in the above links and apparently has a 1 mm dia smaller exit pipe diameter than the X40F0X. There may also be other internal differences, but I don't know what they might be.

I had seen and ridden one of these conversions a while back, and actually rode the bike again the weekend before last when we swapped DRs for about 25 kms which was an interesting exercise in its own right. He has the same FMF PB header as me with all the bits to fit it supplied by Keintech. It all fitted up as advertised with no issues at all, nice. He also has a TM40 from Procycle, jetted as delivered, and a Racetech shaft conversion for his shock and gold valves and 0.60 springs up front. I might comment more on my carb and suspension impressions later.

I'd originally thought his was a bit loud, so when doing mine, I decided to fit the FMF spark arrestor too, acquired from eBay because the local FMF importer couldn't deal with just a part #. Needed to know what bike it was for!! FMF 040298

I got the flange and 2 gaskets from Keintech so had a start. Just needed to figure out how to adapt it to the existing big bore midpipe.

A good thing about Megacycle is that Ken can supply parts as needed to refurbish his products, so I got him to send me a new intake side for my existing Megacycle can which cost $50. This has the necessary female end and after a little hacksaw work I had the above component. Ken had also previously supplied me with a length of male/female pipe that I welded to the midpipe when adapting it to the bigger bore FMF PB header. Top products and service.

My objective with this adaption was not to change the midpipe so that if I didn't like the GSXR can I could simply tidy up the Megacycle can and remount it. No doubt onselling the GSXR can wouldn't be too hard.

Not sure how the tuning would end up either. The Megacycle can is a straight through design with a 'tea strainer' end cap for noise and some spark suppression whereas the the GSXR can, apart from being about 50 mm longer, has a convoluted path inside, although not as much as the stocker. So a different length, longer system that will change the 'tuning'? And mine is longer again because I used my existing midpipe and the standard muffler mounting lug on the frame.

Procycle has posted interesting pics of dissected mufflers, one copied here:

Keeping my options open then.

Fitting the spark arrestor was first.

It seems they slide into the X40F0X, but not the X40F1X.

A couple of ways to sort this and this is what I did. Out with the Dremel and a cut off blade I ground the tack welds from the screws and removed the end cap.

I cut 30 mm from the end pipe and fortunately had in my scrap pile a short piece of tube that sleeved the end pipe nicely.

The spark arrestor is now just below the end cap, and there is still a gap, presumably for cooling purposes.

Next up was mounting the can to the bike.

A test fit indicated that the original mounting hole on the muffler would work, so I 'ratted' out the mounting hole to 25 mm to fit some tap washers I'd found in the shed that had a 15 mm ID. I machined up a bush for the inside and if you look closely you can see that the hole is slightly oval, with a gap towards the front of the muffler between the lug and the washer. This is to allow for the expansion evident on the Megacycle can.

Temporaily mounted now and ready to tack the midpipe connection to the flange. With a 50 mm inlet to the muffler and <> 45.5 mm OD fitting to be welded there is a bit of a gap, but this is an advantage because I can position it a bit off centre and at an angle to faciliate lining it up.

Now welded up and on the bike for a test to check for leaks and noise. All good. My pannier frame had to be spaced out a bit because of the bigger diameter of the can.

The spacer that also mounts the muffler doesn't clamp the muffler and allows a degree of movement on the rubber mount.

After a little trimming of the sidecover and its standoff rubber, its all ready for a test ride.

And it all seems positive. Quieter than it was, and seat of the pants indicates no change in performance, and no jetting tweaks required.

I'll see how it goes on a few proper rides, and if I keep it, I may shorten the midpipe to pull it forward a bit. This will require a new mount and probably isn't worth the trouble. Currently, the end of the muffler is still in front of the tail piece and looks OK.

So seems like the hype is justified

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