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Originally Posted by JerryH View Post
Hmm. Interesting. In his OP he says 55 mph. Which is about the top speed of a Fly 150. But nobody walks away from a dead on collision with an SUV at 55 mph, even if they somehow managed to survive, which is unlikely at that speed on a scooter. Says the SUV was unharmed, which is also impossible, as is the scooter still being rideable.

Then he says he had several wrist and ankle fractures, but kept on riding, didn't even go to the doctor, because.....

"Why did I continue, while injured? Well you see, my friend James, he once posted about riding 420 miles in one day, so I wanted to beat him. That day I rode for 14.5 Hours, and 602 miles in one day"

I got sideswiped on a moped (doing 30 mph) by a Suburban, and was in the hospital for a week, off work for 2 months, and on light duty for another month. That was 10 years ago, and some of the injuries are still there.

I have ridden 400 miles in one day on a Vino 125, it took about 15 hours, though with quite a few stops. But I was not injured, and no way are you going to do over 600 miles in one day on a 150.

I have had my Vino 125 for almost 5 years, and thought I was doing good by putting 25,000 miles on it (I do have other bikes) during all that time. 21,000 in one year? You would have to practically live on the thing.

The more I read, the more inconsistencies I find. There are a lot of issues with his posts and his blog, some of them to blatant to simply be mistakes, though they could be exaggerations. Maybe he wanted to spice up the story a bit. It doesn't mean he hasn't ridden all over on a scooter, but some of the stuff in there is not just unlikely, it is impossible.

What this guy is up to is nothing more than pure fabrication; like he's living in a fantasy world. I have no argument with him if that's what he wants to do but what I don't like is seeing people get sucked into believing him. This forum is replete with genuine adventure riders who really live the life and ride for real. For him to post his imaginary adventures feels much the same as some kid who wears military medals and poses as a veteran. Doing so is an insult to the real riders and that's what pisses me off about him.

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