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And now the promised and overdue road trip part of the story!

We left Medford at 9:15 am and headed for the I-5. Our original plan had been to go north to Grants Pass and head for the Oregon coast. But we had spent extra time dealing with the PS pump and yet more visiting with family so we headed south. We are planning on making a calendar from grandma with pictures of her old car in various settings in its new life, so we did make multiple stops in picturesque places along our journey. Dagoboy is and will be taking additional shots at his work, high school and his massage therapy school as well as any other good photo ops in his travels. Hopefully mom will enjoy seeing the pictures every month of his and her old cars new adventures.

We made good time on the slab until Redding CA and then we hit highway two niner niner. This is a long slice of heaven and our timing was perfect with mid-week non summer holiday traffic. The small hamlet of Weaverville is on this ribbon of delight and is rumored to be the sight of an upcoming BMW MOA rally. Our compliments to the organizers for their inspired choice of locale.

Our favorite view on a GPS screen.

Our even more favorite view through a windshield or helmet visor.

We hit Eureka about 3:00pm and pulled in to Big Louie's for a late lunch of pizza pie and a fresh tank of petrol.

After that, we rolled forward on our quest to this particular trips version of the mother road.

As we pulled up to take this picture, the boy was growing drowsy with a gut full of pie and there was a big group of Harley's getting ready to depart, so while they were pulling on their beanie helmets, we snapped the pic, performed a Chinese fire drill, I floored it and we left them in our rear view mirror.

The next 22 miles were pure bliss. While dagoboy slept, I got to drive and lay waste to his tires for a change! Deep in old growth forest, this road snakes up, down and all around with a shockingly generous speed limit of 55 MPH that I did my level best to attain. We might have touched it once or twice on a rare piece of straight road connecting wonderfully tight and banked corners, but I made it a point to at least double or better the yellow signs suggesting the corner speeds. The single vehicle we encountered, a Volvo wagon also being driven a bit spiritedly, pulled aside at the first opportunity and let us motor on by. All too soon, we popped out of the trees and voila!


We let the car pose for its close ups and centerfolds.


By now it was late afternoon and the kid was slogging through small beach towns with 25-35 MPH limits one after another, bored out of his gourd. A quick check of the atlas showed nothing but more of the same for hundreds of miles. It being the boys car and trip, he made the command decision to head back inland and we found another suitable squiggly line on the map to take us there. CA128 was another inspiring road through some gorgeous wine country. It remained excellent all the way to Cloverdale where we reconnected with the 101 and proceeded to put some serious miles under our belts. The boy prophetically predicted he was good up until 9:30pm, by which time he had made Oakland. We made a side of the road switch and while he slept, I booted us out past Livermore towards the central valley and I-5 again. I drove until about 11:00 pm when I made a pitstop in the glittering metropolis of Los Banos and called three of the hotels to procure a room for the evening. All were booked, the boy was still zonked out and the car and I had more gas in the tank so I forged on southward until 1am until we were just north of Buttonwillow where I hit a 76 truck stop, pulled to a far corner of the lot and slept like a baby until 5:15am. I fired up the newly christened "2slow" and we motored off south again in search of breakfast at a little place I've been to in Gorman on Tejon pass.


After a rejuvenating breakfast the boy got his first taste of driving in Southern California rush hour traffic as we skirted the denser parts of the city in favor of the outskirts by using the 210 belt clear to Redlands. Shortly after that we were back in familiar surroundings when we hit the high desert.


After a visit to pay our respects to General Patton at his museum, we noshed on a lunch of apple, oranges, bananas and then I noticed the kid kept magically producing homemade cookies he had secretly squirreled away in his console from Grandma's retirement home lobby! This late discovery marked to one and only time he gave me one! I will someday exact my revenge.

Soon thereafter we introduced 2slow to his new state.

As we approached the valley of the sun, signs that we were close to home appeared. Hey 2slow! You're not in the pacific northwet anymore!

Finally, we were home! I think the car understands he has a new owner...thats more miles than he would have seen in the next 2 years in the space of a week.

The boy and the car seem to have settled in to their daily routines.

Hopefully, their adventures together are just getting started and will last many happy years.
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