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Originally Posted by BRUTSQD View Post
Just out of curiosity, what was it specifically that was hairy? Is the risk personal injury, damage to the bike or just too damn steep to take a fat pig down a shale trail? I don't mind the drop off on one side, I'm ok with going over obstacles down-hill(within reason), and I'm not afraid to land on my face and dump the bike provided that it's not going to cause catastrophic damage. The warnings I'm hearing have a certain seriousness to them.

It was a combination of the stair step rocks, the steepness, lack of traction because of sand, gravel and pebbles, unknown what was around the corner and the drop off, more or less in that order.

If I recall he was experiencing the GS grounding on the steps as he went down. Then he stopped and I went by foot to scout the corner, to see the right line and I let him know it was OK down there.

He is just 5"9 so the pig was potentially going to tip over if he stopped when his feet were dangling over the next step. I went back and stood on his right to hold the bike until he got set and underway. I subconsciously was pulling the bike in away from the ledge and he yelled at me to stop pulling him over lol.

The actual descent was cautious and uneventful, just the visuals, steps and lack of traction were daunting.

If this is something you have to do, and you are a pretty good to very good rider and confident, then you can do it on a big bike. I would go with a buddy though. Just my 2 cents

PS we would have had go pro footage if he knew the on off switch correctly. As it was we have BBP footage of the start and finish and none of the trail ha
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