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Originally Posted by A. T. T-W View Post
The FIA hearing over the Mercedes/Pirelli test bruhaha will be interesting: The information is that they used a 2013 car (as opposed to a 2011 car), that they did a thousand kilometres and their two main drivers conducted the test instead of test divers (while wearing plain helmets - presumably in an attempt to hide the drivers true identities). It does seem difficult to find a defence for their actions.

If deemed guilty of a breach of the rules (and on the face of it that seems likely) it will be interesting to see what sanction is applied: Fines are meaningless. Stripping them of Monaco and Montreal results will favour some teams more than others in terms of the championship standings.

Some additional "facts" (in quotes because I watched a report about this, no confirmation):
Apparently even though Merc used current cars/drivers, the test was not for current year tires. The test was for 2014 tires. Since Merc will not be allowed to use a 2013 car in 2014, those tires and a current spec car will never see the track at the same time. This to me says that they gain no advantage by doing the tests. So why all the fuss?
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