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Hey all!!! My main issue, and it took me quite a long time to realize it....but my top bearing would never fully seat in the race without an awful lot of force on the little alum. bolt from KTM. I had it turned down, and apparantly it still was not enough, and grenaded the stem threads in the process...... I had another triple lying around that I pressed the stem out of. I had access to a lathe, by the myford was too small for the stem, and none of the chucks would fit it. I began thinking that I'm a bone head, and need a steel stem. My friend Terry is a machinist and works in a rather extensive shop at UGA. I left him with the stem along with a bearing, and asked it be turned down for a press fit. He also exteneded the threads in the stem to except a 50mm bolt.! I apologize for not letting Guy know, I really thought it was me and didn't see a reason to bother him with it. I now realize I may be the only one that has actually ridden extensivley with the 2nd gen set up. I'm sure mine was an anomoly, but perhaps the stems need to be turned down a hair more. Mine was at 28.04mm....I think I had Terry turn it down just under 28...27.98 IIRC.

I never produced the steel stem as I only had 2 interested parties, and I don't have the cash right now. But they still can be made.

 photo A9752D09-E686-4235-BB77-9862CADFC7E0-7626-00000DBF338766FD_zps3c3f8427.jpg

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