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I have a perpetual loading sitch.

The screen remains like this for as long as i can stand it, and every 10 minutes asks if I want to save, but.....

I'm running
on my laptop

On my desktop:
FF21.0 (probably)
GE7.1.1.1580(probably) not at home to confirm.

It worked to create the routes, now I can only view or edit the first two of four I created, "unamed roadbook" and "Herlong to Estates". i have two more both were created from copies of "Herlong to Estates" and niether will load anymore. On either computer. They do have alot of points... perhaps hundreds. But it's not more than 170 and 83 for the other. Waypoints for both are 29. I'd like not to lose the route of course. A few hours have gone into them....

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