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Originally Posted by jdrocks View Post
thanks kevin.

just thought of a couple things. i should have grabbed a handful of herder stickers, was such short notice on this trip that i completely forgot about the planning thread, and now i'm getting a little, ya know, skeeerd. hope i don't get lost.
You're one lucky dog there Dave! Lookin' forward to the RR. If you need some Cat Herder stickers, send me a PM; I've taken over the operation to give Kevin a break. I've just gotten a batch in and can mail you some; you just need to provide me with an address, quantity, and color.

Originally Posted by jdrocks View Post
so i was driving along, in the midst of moving my operation 200 miles closer to an airport, talking to AspentureRider on the cell about some final details, wife eavesdropping on the conversation...and that's when AspentureRider said

"dave, there's another bike in Seattle that needs to be moved to Anchorage",

damn, i'll be sleeping on that couch for so long i might have to sign a lease.
I know where you can find another pilot if needed!
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