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Bluhduh Tragedy.. Kind of.

As I sat down to work on the next days RR.. I realized when I was moving pictures into folders between phone and computer.. I managed to lose all of the final days pictures when I prematurely cleared my phone. So unfortunately, I have nothing to show you of the ride back from Ouray through Owl Creek Pass where the original True Grit was filmed, the Red Stone clay ovens, pictures of the sandwich I ate at Jerry McGuires in Aspen, Independence Pass, the topless Swedish girls I saw at the river, the oatmeal stout at Tommyknockers or the storm I rode through on the way home...

For someone who's not typically a technotard, I'm genuinely quite embarrassed as I should be..

So instead of the trip home from Ouray, here's where I went today

I wanted to check out Argentine Pass as it looked close and easy? I took off up hwy 70 from Denver, got irritated with the construction traffic before Idaho Springs and pulled off to go through Central City to Oh My God road(pronounced Ehr-mhe-gherd) and sneak in the back door of Idaho Springs. So to speak.

Out of Central City I took Russel Gulch and checked out some remnants of the ghost town.

These broken old buildings are all over the place, most are near people's houses so I didn't want to get too close, but the area is lousy with 'em.

Virginia Canyon Aka Ermhegherd road.

F yeah..

Of course..

Headed up to Georgetown to grab a little lunch then jump on Guanella Pass road to find the trail.

Great spot and awesome food.

Less then 2 miles up, right on forest rd 352.

Cool little river, sure glad I don't have to cross it...

Shit. Looks like half the river is in the river, and half the river has decided to take the trail...

Thank jebis. riding upstream isn't too bad, it's just irritating as you can really see what you're hitting. Luckily this section didn't last too long.

Easy Peasy

Now the tough part... This next crossing was a rude awakening.
I've read other ride reports and have seen the rivers people take their pigs though.. I'm sure this doesn't look too impressive but keep in mind a couple of things.. A) This is my first river crossing.. B) I'm by myself. C) As I'm learning the hard way, I didn't check to see how deep the middle truly was before I started in. It didn't "look" too deep so I thought I'd give it a go. D) I grossly underestimated the current on some fairly quick moving water.

1/4 the way across, I have to get off the bike as the current is too much for one leg to hold up as footing is getting difficult to maintain with the current against my legs.

1/2 the way across I kill the engine because the water is almost in my air intakes with the bike straight up.. a little tippage would have the bike sucking water. Nevermind the fact that it's taking every fiber I've got to keep the thing upright, which the bike now is literally dragging sideways downstream with me scrambling to keep her upright.

A little panic, a ton of cussing and every ounce on grunt has the bike safely on the other side.

The other bank is steeper then I would have liked but it beats trying to dead lift a bike in the middle of mid-thigh moving water.

If you look close you can find my favorite thing about my Heidenau 150's. I'd throw them away tomorrow if they weren't so tasty on the road yet flaccidly mediocre in the dirt. As for chewing up the mud, I think I'd get better traction with racing slicks. Pos.

Aaaand another wider and maybe deeper crossing. I give. I'm going back to take a higher trail I saw earlier. I'm begging for a swim.

My answer to going back through the last crossing that kicked my ass? Go with the flow. I rode with the river downstream and worked my way over to a good spot to pull out and towel off. If you follow me.

At the top of the picture is where the deeper part of the river follows the true river and the shallower part hangs a left to take the trail for a while.

The higher trail has snow, I can do snow.

A short time into this dryer and higher trail has the trail getting pretty rocky with plenty of loose, larger rocks.

I feel myself getting sloppy. I'm beat. The water crossing took it's toll and my knees aren't happy. I'm ashamed. Very ashamed. I'll try this trail again a little later in the season when there's less run off and a little less excuses. Back to Denver..

A parting shot of Georgetown

One for the road



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