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3 months to explore the USA

Hey everyone

I'm writing this as I'm lying in my tent on my first night out on my 3 month adventure in the USA.
The basic story is: I quit my job in England, moved out of my house, sold my bike (Suzuki Bandit), and bought a bike in Norfolk, VA.
I flew over 4 days ago and I have been staying with a friend while I have been sorting out the paperwork and getting my stuff together.
I know some people may be interested, so I will add more detail about how I bought, registered and insured the bike later (I'm writing this on my phone and it's running out of battery!)

I have a couple of friends out here. One who is doing a similar trip, but unfortunately had an accident with the rear of an SUV and is now waiting for his teeth to be fixed. Again more details will follow when I have time and battery power. And another friend who is hopefully coming over in July for one month and joining me.

The bike i bought is a Yamaha V Star 1300.

As a way to get used to the bike and riding in a foreign country, on the wrong side of the road! I took a trip along the colonial parkway through Williamsburg etc.
What a great trip. Beautiful scenery, great roads, and lots of interesting history and sights. An excellent way to get used to the bike.

Anyway, after a very delayed start I set off on my new bike today, all loaded up and headed for Washington DC.

I guess I've got far too much stuff for the trip, but I'll trim that down while I go.

I got to Washington a bit late and didn't have time to find a suitable place to stay, so I have made the first mistake of the trip already. It's my own fault and i should of looked around but I had to pay $45 to stay one night in a campsite! :eek:
In definitely going to try and use the tent space thread/map for the rest of the trip.

So I'm going to explore DC tomorrow, and find a cheaper place to stay, before heading onto the skyline drive and then down the blue ridge parkway. Which I have heard much about :)

I will try to keep this thread up to date as much as possible depending on WiFi availability.

All the best
Mon the biffy
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