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Originally Posted by fasteddie23 View Post
I didn't make it out last week. I am still healing the ankle and I needed to give it a rest that day after a setback in physical therapy.

I have kept this Thursday open so I am ready to go. We were originally thinking Stonyford? But as you point out it will definitely be cooler in Hollister.

I am in either way. Let me know.

How's your ankle for some singletrack on Thursday?

I just looked and the forecasted high for Stonyford Thursday has dropped from 88 to 83. The high at Letts Lake expected to be 73. Yes, let's go to Stonyford! I've not been up there since the fire. Use to be our favorite riding area.

Here is where the Little Stony CG is on Goat Mtn Road. They charge money to camp there now. :-( The free day-use staging area is 2 more curves west. The blue-intermediate climbs out of there are all black diamond now. Steep, & loose this time of year. Need plate for Goat Mtn Rd. & Letts Lake.

What time can you get there? Takes me about 3 hours, with a quick McDonalds stop.

Anyone else interested?

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