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Originally Posted by Hodgo View Post
I was just thinking what a dumb idea an 8 speed transmission was "way back when" then I read the text. Hi/lo range 4 speed.

That would fix the eternal dilemma on big adventure bikes. Crank her into low range and onto the trails.

After reading about your clutch drama it prompted me to order the rekluse semi auto clutch kit. My 990 2007 has 25,000 miles and no idea of its service history and I'm new to KTM world but bloody impressed so far!

Seems eventually the master and slave are going to give trouble and I keep reading good reports on the rekluse.

You've dealt some of the other main issues yeah? Water pump and fuel filter. I'm in the geographic center of the country just about on the i80 so PM me if you ever want parts mailed where you can pick them up.
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