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Originally Posted by HappyCRNA View Post
Well shoot Ladybug! I wish you were closer... I'm always looking for something to get into!
Where's Moran Nation located? You never know where I'll end up at some point.

Originally Posted by Tyler View Post
Both solo and small group rides each have their pros (and cons sometimes). I'll actually be doing a 2-week trip next month in OR/WA. I can send you some info if you might be interested in joining for a day or two.
Please do send me the info. if I could connect with you even just to meet you and share a meal or riding a few miles down the road would be lots of fun.

Originally Posted by Tyler View Post
Consider getting a SPOT tracker... you can share the link with your family/friends so they can follow along with you and ease some of the worry. Also good for emergencies if you need help, etc.
I agree about the SPOT. I've been carrying one for a number of years and it's nice to have it. Have a dependable friend/family member that knows how you ride and your habits monitor it. Something that would be off for one person would be normal for someone else so someone your habids would keep someone from being concerned. For instance the last ride out I took the person watching my SPOT wasn't concerned when I was out in the middle of no where on a mountain top. Someone else that doesn't know my riding habits might have been worried that I was lost.

It's all fun and there are tons of adventures out there to be had.

Looking forward to reading about your adventure.
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