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Yes there is an annual fee for the service that goes along with the SPOT... can't remember off the top of my head but I think it's about $100/yr. which, imo, is small change if you ever got into trouble.

The thing about checking in with someone is what happens when you don't check in? How does that person know where to look for you? They may have a general idea but with the SPOT, it pinpoints a more exact location so if you need help, you're more likely to get it in a faster manner.

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I have thought of looking into those, but isn't there an additional charge per year for them after the purchase price?

And to be honest, I truly don't know who I would have monitor it. In my case, where I have no family locally, etc., it might be easier to just check in with someone periodically when I stop for fuel.

I had the opportunity to meet up today with an ADV inmate who is riding back/forth across the US. What a nice guy and so many stories he has to tell. He is on his way back to NY now. He should have been doing a ride report as he's has some very interesting adventures so far.
I'm hoping to do that next year... 6 weeks total but may break it up into two 3-week parts.
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