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Keep seeing CA plated 450X's

What's the deal? I haven't had a chance to pull up next to someone in the parking lot and find out how they did it. Now of course we wouldn't break any laws, but there are too damn many out there to not be a simple way to get one plated.

After piecing together research from the interwebs, it looks like the way to do this legally is to buy the bike in another state that has a plate on it. Make sure the CA legal goodies are attached (blinkers, left mirror, taillight etc. etc.) and bring the title to your DMV or AAA office(must be a member, obviously). Apparently they look at it like it's a "motorcycle" transfer, and not a "dirt bike" transfer because it currently has a plate. You must tell them the bike has over 8,000 miles on it and you walk out with a plate.

I understand we run the risk of the plate being called back at any given time.

If there is no legal way to do it, like I suggested, feel free to tell me it isn't that simple. I realize I haven't been active long enough here to get inside on any secrets, but I'd be more than willing to buy many beers for someone who does give me the scoop.
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