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Originally Posted by smoothdurban View Post
I bought my bone stock 06 in the states a few years back and after you sink about $1000 in it it is a pretty capable dual sport that you can beat the hell out of and it will keep running.
Even if you don't do that it will still be a very capable bike,

I have bone stock, motor, suspension, etc. Lotsa mods for luggage, seat, fairing,tires, handguards etc., but thats it and I go anywhere my buddys suspension, carb, 725cc equipped DR goes, mind you Im no as graceful nor do I do the awesome wheelies he does, but it gets me there.

You can throw a few bucks at the DR and make it better or a bunch and make it much better, theres things Id like to do but Im ok with where Im at with a do all bike. Do the seat and the suspension first if you are travelling and doing off road.

Great bike , you cant go wrong, wouldn't hesitate to ride across the country tomorrow..

Cheers, Todd
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