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Originally Posted by Crusier Dude View Post
I love how you take the time to see the history and sites off the beaten path. My brother in law owns the IGA in orifino. I worked for him as a meat cutter and produce manager for 10 months in 2011. I know of the little Motel you are talking about. Ed from Happy Tails loves to ride up there get the GREAT tasting chicken at the IGA store and have fun in the area. Looking forward to the rest of your trip.

Les in Boise.
Hi Les, I'm glad you are following along. I'll have to remember to stop at the IGA for their chicken. I thought about stopping there and picking up something for dinner but I didn't have room to add anything more.

Originally Posted by Loud Al View Post
A great start

I was watching your spot as you were running around looking for a hotel and I couldn't figure out what you were doing

With you knowing how much I dislike riding after dark I can see why you couldn't figure out what I was doing. It was a lot later than I normally ride.

Originally Posted by TheAdmiral View Post
Beautiful ride and thread Ladybug. You've found some great history up yonder, but I suspect you already knew it was there. I'm glad you're gonna do an on-going ride report. I'm pretty sure I've missed some great ride reports from you 'cause I don't venture into the regional forums all that often. I also do a bit of geocaching and in a quest to find some, they've taken me to places I might not have otherwise visited. Have a fun time in Hell's Canyon.
There are so many great places in the NW and I just keep finding more and more wonderful jewels. Geocaching along the way gets me to interesting places.

Originally Posted by Honkey Cat View Post
enjoyed the pics
Thank you

Originally Posted by Ol Man View Post
Geocaching is a lot of fun. Some people put a lot of effort into their description of their cache and the "story" that goes with it. When we first retired to the high desert in Calif, we used geocaching to find out a lot about the area. We frequently look for caches on our travels.

Thanks for your reports.
You are right the story on the cache page for some of the caches make them that much more fun. There was one in particular that I enjoyed. I'll get to that yet...

Originally Posted by redog1 View Post
...fellow cacher here. I enjoy it a lot just for the reason you state, takes me places I wouldn't normally have gone. I've really slacked off latly and need to get back to it. Ride on and I look forward to following your adventures. I've got 3 caches in the Mt. Shasta area if you're ever in the Northern Calif. region. Cacheing name is the same as here, Redog1
I'm hit and miss with caching. I let it lag for a while then remember why I enjoy doing it and start again. My cache name is the same as here as well. The next time I get to the N. CA area I'll go in search of the caches, I love Mt. Shasta.
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