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thanks for the feedback guys, heres hoping we get a chance to meet and share either a bit of road with you guys or at least a beer or 3 .

So the KTM is where most of the questions are. So will give a quick run down.

It's been custom built to suit Lenna, like other para's everyone wanted to throw her on a can-am, after trialling her on one and I also tested it we came to the decision (not offense to anyone that owns one, but it just wasn't for us) that all they did was take the worst parts of a car and combine that with the worst parts of motorcycling. For us it the way a motorcycle corners that truly make them unique. It was then that was when I we decided if we were going to do it, it would have to include the best things about riding and for us that thrill was cornering.

Where the can am makes hard work of cornering fighting the nature of force a motorcycle works nicely in this manner and therefore works much better for a rider with limited torso strength.

Can am I believe are working on something similar but when I contacted them a few years ago about it, it was a bit of a pipe dream, and we couldn't wait, looked into what else was available when we found the trike conversion though it wasn’t suitable for a paraplegic so we designed a system that would work for her.

It's not a one size fits all, everything from the seat base (which you can't see) to controls are all custom built to suit Lenna needs.

Does it have its limits? It's sure does, you can only lean it so far before you run out of lean angle.

So their are challenges that we face on rides, like blind turns that tighten, if Lenna reads the entry to the turn incorrectly and get in hot, she can't shift her weight to the to the inside to tighten the her line and once she hits the bump stop that is as tight as she can turn.

One way we found to get around said problems was to use com's between the bikes, (we had a friend loan us bike to bike com's recently where we could talk between each other in live time), and found this gave her quiet a increased safety margin as I could give her for warning on road conditions, turns, and corner layouts (blind approachs etc) sort like giving her rally type notes/markers on each approaching turn allowing her to enter turns with confidence that she wasn't going to run out of turn.

This then left us with a question mark as to should we run com's on the trip. The budget was getting a bit tight and most allocated but felt these com's where a must for our situation.

We approached RocketMOTO (Adam who is a vendor on this site and offers discount to ADVriders) about getting a set of Sena SMH10 to run between the bikes and after explaining the story above, Rocket MOTO offer to donate a set to the cause. Wow, what a generous offer. I can't thank Adam and RocketMOTO enough for his offer to help a fellow rider return to road riding and also making it as safe as possible for her.

Since then we have discovered that other riders running the Sena headset will be able to join us in conversation (upto 4 I think) while riding with us, so if you keen to meet up with us and wanna join us for a spin and have a chat to us as we cross the country or if you want to point out the sights or just join in on our game of I spy along the way (which Lenna is crap at by the way, you have been pre warned) please drop Adam a line at and grab a Sena headset, from the quick trial run we had using them here in Australia, these should make for a super fun and entertaining banter or if your lucky you might hear Lenna get a bit carried away and start singing lalalala for the 10 weeks. Either way it changed our riding/touring, some argue it takes your attention away for us, it's certainly makes things safer for Lenna and gives her more time to react/prepare for upcoming hazards. So if you wanna get in on the fun please support a Vendor that is willing to help out other riders.

Again thanks to the team at Rocket MOTO for supplying us with a set of these headsets.

Can't wait to get this trip underway

Bikes left yesterday and we leave tomorrow... there is a bit more to the story of the bikes going, will post that story up soon
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